Here's what educators and experts are saying about us.

Here's what educators and experts are saying about us.

"SIDEVIBE is a wonderful tool for tightly integrating web resources with class­room research and curricular units."

John Goldsmith, De Tools of The Trade

"I think teachers who want to use more technology in their classroom will find this a easy way in. It should work well in any classroom which is key."

High School Teacher, British Columbia

"SlideVibe is a cool website that allows you to create online learning activities easily. Instead of creating handouts or worksheets on paper, you can create interactive online activities."

The Educational Technology Guy

"I like what I see of SideVibe and could imagine using it for a) distance education; b) as a tool for teaching how to use the internet, and; c) to replace or supplement textbooks."

Distance Learning Teacher, British Columbia

"I like the one-stop shop nature of this system -- it looks useful and a lot easier to navigate than other platforms."

Elementary School Teacher, British Columbia

"This really tool reduces the need for a bunch of paper around the computer."


"The role of formative assessment in the learning process is undeniable and this tool supports that type of student feedback well."

High School Teacher, Alberta

"I like the opportunity for immediate online discussion to occur around the resource."

High School Teacher, Alberta

"It’s a great concept, and seems to be well thought out."

Elementary Teacher, Ontario

"SideVibe offers very versatile features from simple to elaborate. Students read the information on the linked web page and answer questions, makes observations, or complete tasks."


"I like that it consolidates the online experience for students so the teacher can guide the experience and integrate the related activity all into the same screen."

High School Teacher, PD Coordinator, British Columbia

"I also like the ease with which teachers will be able to monitor and interact with students. Very cool!"

High School Teacher, British Columbia

"SideVibe seems like an excellent tool to help organize both students and teachers."

Middle School Teacher, Ontario

"At first glance this looks like a great tool to support learning and facilitate student discussion and discourse."

High School Teacher, Alberta

"Side Vibe is a great web based teaching tool. It allows users to create interactive learning materials very easily. It is one of the best alternatives for paper handouts."

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

"There are a variety of activities that one can create on a single site. I like that all the student's responses are gathered on one site and can be filtered."

Elementary School Teacher, British Columbia

"The ease of use and overall concept simplify communication and education, this is always helpful."

Middle School Teacher, Ontario

"I like the guided use of the web without paper handouts, verbal instructions, etc. which can interrupt the learning process for students."

High School Teacher, British Columbia

"I like that SideVibe stays visible when visiting various links, that you can add direct links for students to visit, that students can easily respond directly into the window."

Secondary Distance Ed Teacher, British Columbia