Create SideVibes for your teaching style
Create SideVibes for your teaching style
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Attention Educators using an Interactive Whiteboard

This video demonstrates how powerful the combination of SideVibe and interactive whiteboards are for presenting Web content and capturing student engagement in real time.

Some of the Theory Behind SideVibe

What is an Active Bookmark©?
“Active Bookmarks©, called Vibes©, are the display of online student activities, formative teacher assessment and feedback loops placed within direct visual proximity to linked Web content.”

What is Sequenced Visual Proximity©?
“Sequenced Visual Proximity© is the placement of connected instructional elements directly over Web content. These sequenced ‘in context’ student activities result in improved cognitive focus, instructional flow and better learning.”

SideVibe is the result of many years of observation and research. Underlying SideVibe's intuitive design are several key learning and media concepts that make SideVibe a unique and effective tool for online classroom learning. Have a look at the video below for a brief overview of some of these theoretical foundations.

Some Key Concepts About Web Apps & SideVibe

Why are some Web tools more effective for teachers than others?  Check out these SideVibe concepts and learn how SideVibe and other tools create effective digital learning experiences.

What's your SideVibe style?

Explore your ideas and innovations for a Web integrated classroom flow today. There are no limitations to the kinds of Web experiences you can guide your students through with SideVibe and since SideVibe relies on you and the Web for content there are no restrictions on subject matter or style of learning. Here are just a few suggestions as to the kinds of Web activities and approaches to learning you can capture with SideVibe.

Projects and research
Discussion and debate
Literacy development

Registered Teachers will find, on their Home page under the heading 'Topic Library", a comprehensive list of examples located on the upper right area of the page

Topic & Vibe Examples

1. Discussion Vibe Examples

2. Online Video Concepts

3. Web Page Activities

4. Blog or Wiki Interactions