The Idea and our Team
The Idea and our Team

The SideVibe Collective

We are a team of Educators, Inventors, Designers and Programmers who have been working at bringing teachers, trainers and learners together in the online space since the 1990's. We have traversed many concepts and ideas but one goal remained... how could we arm you, the educator, in today's sophisticated and technical world, with a set of simple but productive set of Web tools? A solution which increased productivity and brought real change to the classroom without complicating an already busy day-to-day professional life?

Our strategy was to take what we knew of your challenges, social networking's cyclical nature of relationships, and the barriers to technology in the school network. We set the whole thing on a powerful data base and wrapped it up with intelligent and intuitive design. We combined all of this into an application that takes advantage of the scale and economies of cloud computing providing you with a world class solution for pennies a day.

Our team is forged from common goals and is made up of experienced and thoughtful contributors. We want to bring educators, the purveyors of teaching technology, sophisticated, productive and useful ways to merge the vast depth and breadth of Web content, the classroom, and their student interactions.

The result is SideVibe; the breakthrough Web application for educators.

Scott Fearnley
President, Founder
Scott is a software application and user environment design specialist. He has been developing solutions since 1990. The focus for Scott and Basis has always revolved around education and training. To that end Basis has developed and delivered over 100 educational activities, training applications, software titles, educational toys and pioneered early collaborative online learning spaces for the industry's leading publishers and brands.

Scott has also spent time as a teaching professional at the University of Emily Carr in the Visual Communications program where he taught the 3rd year course Design for Interactivity. Scott is a graduate of Capilano University where he studied Visual Design & Illustration.
Dave Fearnley
Technical Resource Manager
Dave has spent the 15 years developing software application and Web based solutions for both the Education and Business verticals. He has a great aptitude and grasp of the core issues that challenge Education where the new media and technology are concerned. Dave has built and has managed both large and small teams of engineering and project resources to deliver world class solutions for companies like Disney Interactive, Nintendo, The Learning Company/Riverdeep, Corus Entertainment and Scholastics Interactive.

The SideVibe Advisory Board

This group of individuals has a profound influence on the shaping of SideVibe and shares our same passion for innovative approaches to education and technology. They bring SideVibe rich depth of experience and knowledge delivered with a passion for shaping the future of education.
Drew Murphy
Digital Pedagogy
Drew is a technology leader who has been pioneering online learning programs and methods for the past 15 years. Drew has combined educational specialties in technology, business and communications to create a unique skill set for the design and development of educationally relevant applications. Apart from actively innovating in classroom practice and presenting workshops on Web 2.0 learning methods and theory, Drew has also been an educational consultant in designing online learning systems. He is one of the core creators of the SideVibe concept and that Digital Proximity combined with effective feedback loops is the key to Web content utilization in the classroom. Drew has been instrumental in the visioning of SideVibe.

He is currently completing his Masters in Educational Technology at the University of British Columbia.
Greg Long
Business Leadership
Greg is a 15-year veteran of the education technology industry and has played an integral role in helping grow companies by building high performance development teams in areas including content, software development, quality assurance, product and program management. Greg is currently the Senior Vice President of Product Development at Dreambox. Prior to that he served as Chief Product Officer for Rosetta Stone, spearheading product development and creating highly personalized interactive tools that unlock the natural language-learning ability in everyone; and most recently as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, where he was instrumental in growing the company from $90 million to more than $250 million before it went public in 2009.

Prior to Rosetta Stone, Mr. Long was Senior Vice President of Product Development at LeapFrog SchoolHouse, where he led the engineering and content groups for the K-8 schools division. He partnered with Woolley-Wilson at LeapFrog for over three years and was part of the team that grew the company from a $12 to $80 million company in three years. Greg was also Vice President of Content Development at The Learning Company (a Mattel Company).

Greg holds a BA in economics from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, and an MBA from Queen's University, Kingston, in Ontario, Canada.
John Kuglin
Technologist for Education
John Kuglin is known as a technology pioneer and innovative leader in K-16 education. He has been featured on CNN for his creative uses of technology in the classroom, has testified before the US Senate on classroom technologies, and served as consultant and on-air host for a 10 part technology series on the Learning Channel. John was identified as one of the Top 25 Education Technology Advocates in the United States by District Administrator magazine, as well as awarded a Power Teacher designation - one of only ten such designations in the country - by USA Today. He is a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker addressing the nation's largest technology conferences. John has also conducted keynote addresses internationally in Dubai, Australia, and Canada. He has been published in numerous magazines including a 6-part series in EDTECH Magazine, and a feature article in back-to-school August 2010 issue of THE Journal magazine.

John is also a Senior Consultant for Scenewise Inc., a Hollywood based company bridging feature films with standards-based curriculum materials. He serves as a consultant to three multi-million dollar federally funded initiatives in Colorado, as well as consults for several school districts, Colorado Department of Education, and numerous corporations. He brings over 35 combined years of experience in education, telecommunications, television production, and Internet technology to these efforts. .

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Montana, Western where he received the Distinguished Alumni Award for 2003. He also earned a Masters of Education degree from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.